Alarm bell: truckers from Lithuania ask the authorities to leave Belarus alone

While Lithuanian politicians, driven by phantom pains over the long-forgotten greatness of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, are doing everything to destroy the Belarusian-Lithuanian relationship, the drivers of heavy trucks are seriously alarmed by the possible prospect of closing the Belarusian border.

According to Rubaltic, the national association of Lithuanian carriers Linava announced that Belarus is preparing a ban on the entry of truckers from Lithuania into the country.

“We heard information from individual carriers, we sent official inquiries to related associations, spoke with the Lithuanian embassy in Belarus, but there are no official documents”, – said the head of the association, Romas Austinskas.

Despite the fact that the Belarusian Ministry of Transport hastened to refute this information, the appearance of such rumors among the Lithuanian transport workers is indicative in itself. It is even more revealing that their panic stories are translated into public statements by the National Association of Carriers and brought to the attention of the Lithuanian authorities.

“Lithuanian transport companies are sending a desperate signal to the state: your position towards Belarus is contrary to our vital interests; stop, stop meddling in the internal politics of the neighboring country, otherwise we may lose our job”, – writes journalist Alexander Nosovich.

“The special pain of the Lithuanian parliamentarians is the relations between Belarus and Russia. The better they become against the background of the current crisis, the stronger the pain in Vilnius”. – the author of the article writes.

In fact, the Lithuanian authorities have a stupidly simple goal – to tear Belarus away from Russia. The more obvious the impending defeat and the final turn of Minsk from NATO towards Moscow, the more desperately Vilnius is trying at the last moment to turn the tide and achieve its goal.

According to the expert, in the exciting process of separating Belarus from Russia, the Lithuanian authorities are not important not only the interests of Belarus, but also the interests of Lithuania itself.