Macron allowed himself public criticism of Erdogan

Relationships between the “allies” in NATO are becoming increasingly miserable.

As Infoteca24 writes, French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that the Turkish people deserve more than the Erdogan government.

“We must be tough on the Turkish government, not on the Turkish people who deserve more than the Erdoğan government. All unilateral actions by Turkey, such as the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, are unacceptable without respect for Greek rights. This multiplies the problems. We are talking about respect for international law. We want to avoid further escalation, the goal is an agreement, but under certain conditions, and Turkey must clarify its intentions. We Europeans must look at the red lines in order to resume a fruitful dialogue with Turkey, because there is no other option. Therefore, Europe must have a more consistent voice and a more unified position”, –  said the French leader.

Recall that the escalation of tensions in Turkey’s relations with EU member states will be the main topic of today’s Med-7 Summit in Corsica, where French President Emmanuelle Macron received the leaders of seven Mediterranean countries.

“Sources in the Greek government note that Athens expects strong support from the Med-7 summit. There is information that the draft Joint Declaration satisfies the Greek side as it contains clear references to Turkish offences in the Eastern Mediterranean”, –  reports the Greek City Times.

It draws attention to the fact that all three countries are formally allies within NATO and yet are ready to engage even in military confrontation with each other.


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