London has already broken the Brexit deal – the EU does not rule out anti-British sanctions

The UK was in breach of its obligations under the secession agreement when it introduced the Domestic Market Bill.

The Guardian writes about this, referring to the legal opinion of the Brussels experts, which was available to journalists.
The lawyers concluded that London had breached its obligations by promoting controversial legislation that could overturn key parts of the Brexit deal.

“By submitting the bill and following the policy set out therein, the UK government is in breach of its good faith obligation under the exit agreement (Article 5) as the bill threatens the achievement of the objectives of the agreement”, –  the report says.

As News Front has previously reported, the European Commission intends to resort to ‘remedies’ through the European Court of Justice in this regard. The outcome of the proceedings may include fines and even sanctions against the United Kingdom.

“Once the bill has been passed (as proposed), the Commission may initiate proceedings for the UK’s failure to comply with its obligations in good faith”, –  EU lawyers write. – “Even before the bill is passed, it could be justified to bring an infringement case on the same grounds.”

However, the pre-trial phase will be very long, experts are sure. Thus, it is unlikely that a case against the UK can be brought to court before the end of the year.

“Procedures for rights violations that have occurred before the end of the transition period can be brought to court within four years after the end of the transition period”,  –  the document says.


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