Greek police dispersed migrants with tear gas

Crowds of migrants on the island of Lesbos rushed to the city of Mitylini to get on a boat and threw stones at the police, who blocked their way.

According to “Korrespondent” with reference to the TV channel Open, on the Greek island of Lesbos, the police used tear gas against migrants from the burned down Moriah refugee camp, the largest in Greece, where before that there was also an outbreak of coronavirus. The crowd tried to break through to the port of Mitylini.

“‘Hundreds of people who were left homeless after the camp fire tried to make their way to the port. They rushed to the port because they heard that a ship was coming to Mitilini to reach the Balkan Peninsula”, –  the report said. –  “Gas was used when migrants began throwing stones at law enforcement officers. In response to the use of gas, the migrants set fire to the grass, which burned the olive trees.”

Additional police forces are expected to arrive on Thursday. A passenger ferry and two landing ships of the Greek Navy will also arrive, accommodating about two thousand refugees.