Expert: there is a pause in Belarus now

According to the Belarusian blogger, politics has shifted to the field of diplomacy and the information sphere.

Yury Shevtsov, a political observer from Minsk, said on his Facebook page that the Belarusian protests were paused at least until the next weekend.

“In essence, diplomacy boils down to what sanctions will be introduced by the West against Belarus. And this largely depends on the results of Lukashenko’s talks in Moscow soon. On the degree and nature of the rapprochement between Belarus and Russia. To a lesser extent depends on Lukashenko’s internal political decisions on political reform. They, too, have not yet been clearly formulated. Now there is a pause. But there should be a massive action on the weekend. There is still potential for this. Conclusion: we need to finish tracking our situation every day. This is for some time – for narrow specialists”, – the expert believes.