British vaccine incident calls into question US and Chinese practices – Bloomberg

A serious side effect found in AstraZeneca vaccine can undermine the developments of other Western pharmaceutical corporations.

As News Front earlier reported, the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company “AstraZeneca”, from which the U.S. has already pre-ordered the vaccine, was forced to stop the trial. Although AstraZeneca did not disclose the details of the incident, a source from The New York Times said that one of the participants in the UK trials had transverse myelitis, an inflammatory syndrome that affects the spinal cord.

As noted by the U.S. agency Bloomberg, the discovery could be a harbinger of something alarming. In a world where there is a pandemic and a huge number of people are skeptical about vaccinations, the failure of specialists from AstraZeneca may have a sad effect. Moreover, it will undermine the achievements of the American company “Johnson & Johnson” and Chinese “CanSino Biologics”, says Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Sam Fazeli. The fact that the side effect may be associated with the used adenoviral vector.

“Many tests are temporarily suspended to study potential security issues and never talk about them, but this is clearly a very high-profile study, and therefore each step is very carefully studied”, –  said Adam Barker, an analyst at Shore Capital.

He said stopping the trials would inevitably delay the presentation of the results of the research, which was due to be presented in November.

“The vaccine will be given to many, many people to prevent a disease that is likely to cause them no harm, to prevent its spread in society among the more vulnerable”, –  Barker said. – “That’s where safety becomes most important. Any serious security problem can end up deadly.”