Biden is already making enemies – it became known about the Democrats’ ultimatum against Britain

The Democratic Party of the USA has not yet occupied the White House, but it is already in conflict with the old American ally Great Britain.

As you know, negotiations on the trade deal between London and Brussels are nearing completion. The parties have never found a compromise. Moreover, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to review some of his country’s obligations under Brexit, which concern Northern Ireland.

Against this background, senior Democrats said that Britain would not receive a trade agreement with the U.S. if it violated the terms of the deal with the EU. Naturally, in order to implement the ultimatum of the Democratic Party it is necessary to win the November elections.

“As the UK and the EU develop their relationship, any arrangement should protect the Good Friday Agreement and prevent the return of the hard border”, –  Biden’s chief foreign policy advisor Anthony Blinken said.

Democrat Congressman Richard Neal noted that British officials have repeatedly guaranteed to keep Ireland’s border open.

“This came as a complete surprise, 72 hours ago nobody said anything about it”, –  Neil said in a comment to The Guardian. – “This is going to be a very serious problem and I’ve also repeatedly told the UK government that I can’t imagine that we could develop bilateral trade relations if there was any return to a tight border.”

Democrats say the breach of commitments will demonstrate the unreliability of the UK as a partner.

“The Good Friday agreement and the peace process as a whole must be protected if the UK hopes to gain Congressional support for a potential U.S.-United Kingdom free trade agreement”, –  said Eliot Engel, head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Good Friday Agreement or Belfast Agreement ended the conflict in Northern Ireland. The agreement, among other things, provided for the establishment of autonomous authorities, as well as settled the issue of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.