Minsk protests “melted” in drizzling rain

Nothing significant happened yesterday in the capital of Belarus.

According to the Belarusian blogger Yuri Shevtsov, protest activity is increasingly shifting from the streets to the sphere of diplomacy.

“There are a lot of events. But they are mostly tactical: someone said something, someone was detained, someone met with someone, etc. Decisions in the diplomatic sphere that significantly affect the situation are not noticeable today”, – Shevtsov writes.

According to the expert, the extinction of protest actions on weekdays to a symbolic minimum is possible. Along the way, one should expect new dire calls to radicalize the protests in order to curb the fading of protest activity. The main upcoming milestone in current events is a meeting between Lukashenko and Putin with the possible signing of documents on rapprochement between the two countries. Perhaps in a week.