In Rochester, the mayor and chief of police do not intend to resign because of the protests

Earlier demonstrations in the city began in connection with the death of a black man after his arrest.

The mayor of Rochester, New York State, Lovely Warren, and police chief Laron Singleteri do not intend to resign despite the protests that began over the death of the black man after his arrest. They announced this on Sunday at a press conference that was broadcast by local television channels.

“I see that there is a lot of work to be done. I intend to do it”, –  Warren said. – “I know there have been rumors that I am resigning. That’s not true, I’m still the chief of police”, –  Singleteri said. They’re both dark-skinned.

Protests in the city began after the death of African-American Daniel Pond became known. He was detained in Rochester on March 23. According to The New York Times, he was running down the street without clothes, intoxicated and shouted that he was infected with coronavirus. Orderly guards put a bag over his head to protect others from drooling and spitting, and pressed him to the asphalt for some time. One of the policemen stuck his knee in his back.

The pond lost consciousness and was hospitalized. He died in hospital in late March. An African-American family decided to spread the word only on Wednesday. According to the relatives of Pond, he had mental health problems. Seven detainees who participated in the detention were suspended from their jobs.

Protesters called on Warren and Singleteri to resign. On Sunday night, nine protesters were detained in the city.

The U.S. has paid particular attention in recent months to law enforcement violations and cases of brutality by law enforcement officials. One reason for this was the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Law enforcement officials used a suffocating device during his detention on May 25. Shortly after that, an African-American died in hospital. All four police officers involved in the detention were dismissed and charged. After death of Floyd, protests against infringement of rights of black people began in a number of states, there were clashes with police, numerous cases of looting and vandalism.


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