In Leipzig on the third day, demonstrators continue to clash with the police

In Leipzig (Saxony), demonstrators continued to clash with police on the third day. As reported on Saturday, September 5, the agency dpa, clashes occurred in the districts of Leipziger Osten and Konnewitz, which is considered a stronghold of the left and anarchists. Some 500 protesters there opposed the expulsion of residents from their two unauthorized homes, gentrification (turning poor districts into expensive ones) and harassment by law enforcement agencies.

The column of protesters walked only a few hundred meters, after which stones flew into the police from the windows of the new buildings. Despite the ban, the protesters set firecrackers and Bengali lights on fire. After that, the law enforcement officers ordered the protesters to disperse. Some of the protesters, whose faces were hidden, had to be chased and detained. Traffic on the S-Bahn city railroad in the south of the city was temporarily suspended.

Leipzig police chief Torsten Schultze stressed that the attackers were “clearly left-wing extremists. Nine law enforcement officers were slightly injured.”