Fugitive oligarch’s comeback awaits Moldova

The main person involved in the theft of the billion, Vladimir Plahotniuc, received Washington’s patronage, but intends to return to Moldova.

Political scientist Vladimir Sokor told about this.

According to him, the former speaker of the parliament of the republic Andrian Candu is just working to create a platform for the direct or indirect return of Plahotniuc.

As you know, Candu was Plahotniuc’s associate when the oligarch was still the leader of the Democratic Party. This summer, the ex-speaker of the legislature created his own party “Pro Moldova” and began to pay MPs to leave the Democratic Party, thereby reducing the number of the ruling coalition.

“This is Plahotniuc’s strategy to provoke chaos through Candu. In this way, Plahotniuc – directly or indirectly – will return to the politics of the Republic of Moldova. I stated that after some hesitation, the parties led by Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase rejected the idea of ​​a possible combination, even temporary, with the parties of Candu and Shor”, – Socor said.


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