Britain withdraws from the Brexit agreement – the EU has voiced its consequences

The government of Boris Johnson will present a bill that will cancel the agreement with the European Union within Brexit. London gives Brussels the deadline until October 15. The British authorities threaten a “tough” scenario, if by that date the parties do not conclude a trade deal.

Johnson’s ultimatum is to repudiate the commitments London has made under the January EU withdrawal agreement. These are points relating to Northern Ireland. A source in the British government told “The Guardian” that the ultimatum is part of a “tough” scenario – withdrawal from the European Union without a trade deal.

The Financial Times, referring to three sources familiar with the plans of official London, writes that the so-called bill on the domestic market is to be published on Wednesday. The idea is to “remove the legal force of the parts of the exit agreement” in matters of state aid and customs in Northern Ireland.

Brussels has already responded to Boris Johnson’s destructive plans. The European diplomat, whose name is not mentioned, in a comment for Reuters called London’s actions “a self-destructive strategy.”

“Pacta sunt servanda or agreements must be respected – a fundamental principle of international law. If Britain chooses not to comply with its international obligations, it will undermine its international credibility”, –  the interviewee said. – “Who would want to trade with a country that does not comply with international agreements? It would be a desperate and ultimately doomed to failure strategy.”