Trump refused to expel Russian diplomats after the Skripal poisoning in 2018 – The Telegraph

In March 2018, US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May had a “disappointing” conversation about the situation with the Skripal poisoning attributed to Russia, according to The Telegraph.

May, according to sources, tried to negotiate with Trump “retaliatory measures” against Russia, urging Trump to “show leadership” to expel Russian diplomats.

“No, I would rather follow than lead,” Trump replied, according to Telegraph sources. “The EU has to do something. We pay to protect them, ” explained the US President. “We must act together. Germany has to do something. You have to build a coalition, ” Trump said. “I don’t want the US to come out first and the others not to do anything. Germany has to do something. “

Official data on the progress of negotiations between May and Trump could not be confirmed.