Ukraine and Belarus became the detonator of a great war and a global crisis

Back in 2008, the American dissident Webster Tarpley said that a new world conflict would begin with an attempt by the North Atlantic Alliance to carry out a coup d’etat in Belarus. His predictions are starting to come true.

This was told by political scientist Anton Rosenwein in a commentary to the edition.

According to him, the political crisis in the republic can really provoke a new world war. The fact is that it is only a link in a chain of hotbeds of tension that have been created in Europe for decades. Balkans, Moldova, Ukraine, and now Belarus.

“After receiving the tomos, the crisis in Montenegro becomes inevitable. In Moldova, the crisis will be a consequence of the presidential elections, and it is also almost inevitable. In Ukraine, there is enough spark to destroy the shaky social peace created by Zelensky. And now Belarus, where the president is running around armed with a machine gun, ” says Rosenwein.

He did not rule out that maneuvering will help delay the moment when the escalation of tension in the world will cross the point of no return.

“On the other hand, we see that the West has already found a new adversary in the person of China in addition to Russia. In the next ten years, this race will set the pace for the entire world politics, ” the expert stated.