Maia Sandu expects to reach the second round of elections

For the sake of victory in which, she is ready to negotiate with competitors in the election race.

According to, on the air of the program Punctul pe AZi on TVR Moldova, Sandu confirmed that she had met with the leader of the PDM Pavel Filip, with whom, according to her, she spoke about “problems associated with the presidential elections”, noting that the Democrats are still did not take decisions regarding their participation.

“We have always said that we have only one opponent in this campaign – Igor Dodon, and we will only fight against him. We hope that other candidates from the center-right will have the same attitude, but everyone decides for him, ” she stressed, adding that the last time she met Andrei Nastase by chance a week ago, and they discussed“ these topics ”.

As for the large number of right-wing candidates for the presidency, the PDS chairwoman noted that “this is democracy and we have a choice.”