Syria condemned Western attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Belarus

Syria expressed support for the friendly Republic of Belarus in the face of attempts of external interference in its internal affairs and solidarity with President-elect Alexander Lukashenko.

According to the tg-channel “Herald of Damascus,” citing the agency SANA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants said that the Syrian Arab Republic is following with great interest the developments in Belarus and supports it against the background of attempts to interfere in internal affairs.

The ministry added that Syria expresses its support and solidarity with President-elect Alexander Lukashenko and expresses its rejection and condemnation of the insistence of some well-known countries to undermine the legally elected governments in independent and sovereign countries. It also expresses surprise at the persistence of some Western countries, which threaten the security and stability of many states and wreak havoc, seeking to dominate the choices and decisions of peoples and control their natural resources.

The Syrian Arab Republic affirms its desire to strengthen and develop relations with the Republic of Belarus for the benefit of the interests of the two friendly peoples, which will increase its ability to resist attempts to dominate and interfere in the internal affairs of their countries.

“Syria reiterates its confidence in the choice of the friendly Belarusian people, in the wisdom of its leadership and government, and in its ability to overcome the crisis and achieve prosperity”,  – SANA reports.


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