Expert: Merkel will not stop construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline

The New York Times writes that Angela Merkel is finding it increasingly difficult to defend the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline due to statements of the German government about “poisoning” Alexey Navalny.

According to Tg Channel “Burovaya”, according to the American edition, Merkel, who stated the need to complete the construction of the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, was under strong pressure from German politicians.

“We must answer in the only language that the Kremlin understands – the language of natural gas and natural gas sales”, –  said Norbert Röttgen, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German parliament and a colleague of the CDU party, Merkel.

At the same time, Jürgen Hardt, the official representative of the Conservatives in the German parliament, said that the Chancellor is unlikely to give in to pressure on this issue, and according to Thomas Gomar, director of the French Institute for International Relations and expert on Russia, Merkel will not stop the construction of the pipeline at such a late stage.


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