Dodon dissatisfied with US ambivalence in Plahotniuc case

On the one hand, the United States calls Plahotniuc a bandit, and on the other, asks for a “piece of paper”.

According to, the head of the Moldovan state called it “frivolous” that on the one hand in America Plahotniuc is called a bandit, and on the other, they ask for a “piece of paper” to be sent to Moldova.

“Strategic partners don’t do that. They do not need a “piece of paper for a piece of paper”. They can solve problems given strategic partnerships. Let’s be honest. I respect our strategic partners. The head of the US Department of State says Plahotniuc is a bandit. Others say that “he is a bandit, but we need such a piece of paper”. This is serious? No. These are geopolitical interests based on the political struggle in the Republic of Moldova. That’s all”, – said Dodon.

The President stressed that he respects all the strategic partners of Moldova and hopes that they will act on the basis of bilateral relations, and not personal interests.


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