Dodon asked Russia for 100 thousand doses of anti-COVID vaccine

The President of Moldova is ready to become the first in the republic to receive the Russian vaccine.

According to, President Igor Dodon said that before the start of the election campaign, he could travel to Moscow again to test the Russian vaccine against COVID.

“Mass vaccination has begun there. This vaccine has already been introduced by many leaders and deputies. I will ask them to provide us with one hundred thousand doses of vaccines that we use for at-risk groups. For example, doctors, those who are on the front lines. Let it be free and only for those who want. We will not impose anything on anyone. I said earlier that vaccination should not be mandatory. After I announced my readiness to vaccinate myself, about 5000 people wrote to me: “Mr. President, we are also ready”. If someone is ready to take a risk, like me, to test an American, Chinese or Russian vaccine, then go ahead”, – Dodon said.

The Moldovan head of state added that at the experimental stage, he trusts the Russian vaccine more than the American one.

“I trust the Russian vaccine more because we were part of the same medical system. I believe that the Soviet medical system was one of the best in the world. I think that medicine works well there”, – Dodon added. 


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