US ready to transfer tanks to Lithuanian-Belarusian border

Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis said that “the rotation of the US forces in Lithuania is an important deterrent, contributing to the strengthening of NATO in the Baltic region”.

According to the eadaily portal, soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the 69th Regiment of the 2nd Brigade of the US Ground Forces will leave for Lithuania on September 4 for an exercise to be held at the Pabrada training ground near the Belarusian border. Together with the military, it is planned to transfer Abrams tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

“The Lithuanian military is trying to create suitable conditions here for the training of American soldiers”, – said Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis.

US troops will arrive in Lithuania as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The US ground forces have been present in the Baltics on a rotational basis since 2014.


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