Black extremists deprive US megacities of funding – Trump takes drastic measures

Major cities in the United States may lose government funding, although the economy is far from recovering, because the coronavirus is still raging in the country.

The resonant decision to cut off the flow of finance was made by US President Donald Trump. His punitive measures will extend to those cities where liberal authorities are encouraging riots, in fact, pandering to extremists. The Trump administration has required federal agencies to report directly to the White House’s budget office of any funds that may be directed to New York, Portland, Seattle, and even Washington.

“My administration will not allow federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to become lawless zones”, – Trump said in a statement.

As News Front previously reported, on May 25, a black repeat offender George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis during a detention. Although this happens regularly in the United States, the Democrats decided to use the incident to discredit Trump. They actively supported the rallies of African Americans, which quickly spread throughout the country and escalated into riots. Black radicals committed arson and attacked law enforcement, others took advantage of the chaos and robbed shops. Meanwhile, American liberals insisted on cutting the police budget.

It got to the point that the conservative population of the USA began to arm themselves in order to put an end to the pogroms with their own hands. All over the country, a militia appears, which was engaged in dispersing the actions of the radical left group “Black Lives Matter”.