The Netherlands is considering Russian materials on the collapse of MH17

The forensic investigator is studying the data on the crash of the Malaysian airliner in the Donbass, which confirms the responsibility of the Ukrainian military for this crash.

During the hearing, Judge Hendrik Steinhuis noted that the Dutch prosecutor’s office was trying to get the Russian report. In addition, the Netherlands Aerospace Center has already studied it.

“Accordingly, this report must now be requested by the investigating magistrate”, – Steinheis said, stressing that the materials of the Russian side had already been attached to the case.

As a reminder, a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane crashed in Donbas on July 17, 2014, and the Western community used the tragedy for political purposes. The lack of real evidence did not prevent Russia from placing all the blame. This is what the so-called Joint Investigation Group has been doing for many years, while ignoring the evidence of involvement in the crash of the Ukrainian troops.

When the JCC presented elements of a missile fired at the aircraft with a preserved serial number, the Russian Ministry of Defense provided information about this projectile. As it turned out, the missile was manufactured during the Soviet era, then it was transferred to a military unit on the territory of Ukraine. The ammunition remained there after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


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