“Soft power is no longer enough” – The Guardian tells how Europe can tame US impudence

There is no longer any point in hoping for a Joe Biden victory in the United States. The time has come for Europe to take a tougher stance with respect to the overseas “partner”.

"Soft power is no longer enough" - The Guardian tells how Europe can tame US impudence
This is reported by edition “The Guardian”.

The media recalled how US Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Ron Johnson lowered themselves to threats to the German city of Sassnitz, whose economy is based on the activities of the local port. In an attempt to thwart the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Washington politicians said Sassnitz would face “crushing” sanctions, and local businessman and officials would end up on a US blacklist. The response to such threats was justifiably negative. However, the situation calls for a more decisive response.

“What to do? EU leaders can hope for a Joe Biden victory in November. But what if Trump wins again? Europe can expect more sanctions, selfish stupidity and cruelty, says the material.

“It will face a re-elected president who is hostile to Germany, despises the European Union and is free to indulge it destructive instincts to the fullest. The transatlantic alliance may finally collapse because of this tension”.

But even Biden’s victory does not save Europe from long-term pressure. The United States has already set a dangerous precedent, and one day Washington may return to the practice of pressure and threats.

“The possibility of a repetition of such a nightmare in the future is a compelling argument in favor of strengthening the common security, military and technological potential of Europe, as well as its defense against economic and financial blackmail”, – writes The Guardian.

French President Emmanuel Macron has long called for intensive integration of countries within the EU. While his other bloc colleagues are wary of such ideas, Europe should be able to defend its geopolitical interests.

“Call it strategic autonomy. Or just call it survival. In a world where once-trusted friends join the ranks of predators, soft power is no longer enough. Europe will not be able to contain the attacks of large global players until it becomes a single whole. Europeans must stick together”.


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