Political scientist tells what course the U.S. is preparing on the way to overthrow Lukashenko

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the leader of the pro-Western opposition, will play a major role in a big adventure planned by the US intelligence services.

This was told by Doctor of Political Sciences Alexander Manoilo, commenting on the publication Komsomolskaya Pravda on Tikhanovskaya’s plans to make a speech at the UN Security Council on September 4.

“Her performance is an element of the combination played by the US intelligence services”, – says Manoilo.

The Polish and Lithuanian structures, although they direct the process of the Belarusian coup directly, are only “in the wings” of Washington. At the same time, Tikhanovskaya’s speech at the UN, as the political scientist notes, is already the level of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Manoilo is sure that the main message of his speech will be to call not to recognize the election results. In particular, Tikhanovskaya will insist on “holding the third round”. But the question of persecution of members of the so-called coordination council is unlikely to be touched upon. The expert believes that he is not interested in the United States.

“It is more important for them that after the speech of Tikhanovskaya, the international community decided not to recognize the results of the elections, so that Lukashenko should be asked to re-vote or recount the votes”, – Manoilo explains.

He recalled that such a scenario had already been tested in 2004 in Ukraine. This brought the American protege of Viktor Yushchenko to power. However, the expert considers even such a scenario “soft”.

“Recognition of Lukashenko’s illegitimacy, refusal of international recognition with recognition of the second person on the list as the legitimate president”, – the political scientist stated.

Attempted coup in Belarus

On August 9, presidential elections were held in Belarus, following which Alexander Lukashenko won. Western countries, for which the Belarusian leader had been a hindrance for a long time, did not put up with the voting results. As a result, pre-planned riots broke out in Belarus.

Attempts by law enforcement officers to keep the situation under control turned into clashes with radicals. At the same time, the Western media, actively covering the protests, focus specifically on the actions of the security forces against the “peaceful” protesters, as was the case during the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014.

The headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the leader of the pro-Western opposition, is preparing for lengthy protests aimed at overthrowing the government. A committee for the “transit of power” has already been formed there. Tihanovskaya herself is hiding in Lithuania. Lukashenko, in turn, does not rule out that he will resign, but only after a referendum on amendments to the constitution.

The position of the European Union regarding what is happening is ambiguous. Poland and Lithuania are actively working on the revolutionary scenario. They are also promoting more radical measures of pressure on official Minsk in the EU. Western European countries are taking a more cautious approach. They are afraid to provoke a new round of confrontation with Russia. The expert community believes that this is a deliberately losing option for the EU.

Despite internal disagreements, the European Union still refused to recognize Lukashenko as president, threatens with sanctions and intends to allocate 53 million euros, allegedly to support the “Belarusian people”. Part of this money will be received by the extremists who participated in the riots. In addition, the EU will finance the media that promote the anti-government agenda in the republic.