Ukrainian presenter Drozdov persuades Belarusians to demolish monuments to Lenin

Lviv TV presenter Ostap Drozdov began telling Belarusians how to protest. In his opinion, there is a lack of demolition of monuments to Lenin.

They say that during the month of protests, not a single monument fell.

“A verdict to all our neighbors: the national liberation struggle cannot take place under the Lenin monument and on Lenin Avenue – goodbye! If, during your protests, which have been taking place for almost a month now, you have not overwhelmed that bald old syphilitic-idiot, then you are worthless!”, – he said.

In addition, Drozdov is upset that anti-Russian sentiments are not being inflamed in Belarus and they are not demanding “to leave the Russian orbit”. Apparently, everyone has their own priorities. Against the background of such characters as Drozdov, the protests in Belarus look adequate.