Police dispersed protesters against quarantine in Berlin

A protest against the restrictive measures associated with the pandemic did not take place in Berlin, as its participants did not comply with the same restrictive measures.

Police dispersed protesters against quarantine in Berlin

On this protest, according to available data, came out about 18 thousand people. They gathered in the center of the German capital. It was planned that the protesters will march through the streets of Berlin in protest against the quarantine. The start of this action was blocked by the police, as the participants did not wear masks. Law enforcers demanded that the organizers ensure the implementation of the norms, which were opposed by citizens.

Ultimately, the march never materialized. According to the police, the security forces were forced to ban the demonstrations.

“We turned to the organizers,” the message says. At the request of the police, the action was completed. The measures taken did not lead to compliance. ”


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