Germany’s future depends on Nord Stream 2 – Politico

The future of Germany, up to its sovereignty, depends on Russia, because with the help of the construction of the Nord Stream-2, Germany intends to become an energy independent country. This opinion was expressed in the Politico edition.

The United States is actively opposing Nord Stream 2 because of its desire to sell its liquefied natural gas to Europe. Therefore, Washington calls the project “a threat to security” for European states and in every possible way prevents the construction of the facility, the authors of the article note.

In particular, Washington is trying to put pressure on Berlin, but the authorities of the European country stubbornly stand their ground. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, journalists continue, has repeatedly stressed that Nord Stream 2 will be completed.

The publication believes that Washington also hoped that the incident with Alexei Navalny would negatively affect relations between Berlin and Moscow. But the situation with the Russian could not change Angela Merkel’s attitude towards Russia, the article emphasizes.