GNA militants shoot peaceful demonstrators in Tripoli

Residents of Tripoli gathered in Martyrs Square to express their disagreement with the policy of the head of the GNA of Libya Fayez Sarraj.

As “Economics Segodnya” reports with reference to the FAN, the Libyans, dissatisfied with Sarraj, came under fire from the GNA militants. The demonstrators spoke out against the high level of corruption in the lands occupied by the “government”. Libyans are also unhappy with the influx of Turkish mercenaries who are fighting on the side of Sarraj.

“Militants of the GNA dispersed peaceful protests in Tripoli, firearms were used”, – Libya Alhadath TV reports.

Sarraj had previously left his residence due to protests in Tripoli. He did not communicate with the disgruntled Libyans, but decided to flee, accompanied by his guards. Now he is at the Mitiga airbase, where a Turkish military base is deployed.


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