Confrontation continues on the territory of the Libyan embassy in Minsk

As we have already reported, this morning a group of unknown persons entered the territory of the Libyan embassy in Belarus and tried to seize it.

As reported by the Telegram channel Compromising Belarus, in the early morning of August 27, about 30 unknown people with Bulgarians tried to storm the building of the Libyan embassy in Minsk. Employees of the nearby Moldovan embassy called the police.

“The riot police arrived at the building, stopped the assault attempt, checked the documents of those who were in the building. Having received an order from the leadership not to interfere in what was happening, the riot policemen left the territory of the embassy​​”, – the journalists report.

According to media reports, glass was broken in the embassy building, the door was broken. The most chargé d’affaires of Libya – his name is Asteita Mohammed Mariy – tried to pull out of the building, but the guards managed to beat him off. Despite this, the attackers remained on the territory of the embassy and demanded that the Libyan ambassador leave the building, otherwise they would start storming the first floor. It is noted that among the attackers there are several Arabs, the rest are people of Slavic appearance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus does not interfere with what is happening, since the embassy is the territory of another state.


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