Zelensky assures that he is not afraid of direct dialogue with the Russian leadership

The Ukrainian guarantor is not afraid of direct dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He assured of this himself in one of his interviews.

“I am not afraid of a direct dialogue with the President of Russia. I think this is correct. If we have the opportunity to talk and the results of these negotiations can help move closer to ending the war, this should be done, regardless of how different people or different regions react to it. If there is no dialogue, there will be no result”, – Zelensky said.

According to him, he spoke with the Russian President before the ceasefire went into effect on July 27, 2020.

“We discussed the difficult issues of maintaining the ceasefire. As long as there is the result of this dialogue, and we see it”, – he said.

Also, The President of Ukraine acknowledged the absence of an effective international platform for discussing the issue of Crimea’s ownership, but announced his intentions to “return” the peninsula.

“We will bring it back. But there is no serious and effective platform for discussing this issue, except for our international negotiations and agreements with our foreign partners, which led to sanctions and pressure on Russia”, – he said. 

The President of Ukraine has apparently forgotten that the “Crimean issue” is closed for Russia.

Zelensky also expressed regret that in the Normandy format “no one wants to talk about Crimea”, and all attention is devoted to the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass.