Latvia will help Ukrainian soldiers with SRC Brasa equipment

The Latvian company was generous and decided to make a gift to the Ukrainian military in the amount of 20 thousand euros.

As Sputnik told with reference to, the company for the production of military equipment SRC Brasa, whose annual profit is 120 thousand euros, decided to provide humanitarian support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“SRC Brasa, in coordination with the Chaplains Service of the National Armed Forces, will transfer equipment to the Ukrainian soldiers, the cost of which reaches 20 thousand euros. This includes 99 waterproof jackets, 20 winter jackets, 48 ​​warm trousers and other items of equipment designed for use in cold climates. A total of 214 units of the Suited System brand. Humanitarian aid will be delivered to Ukraine, Luhansk and Donetsk regions”, – the company representatives said.

Everything would be fine, but two questions arise: first, as you know, SRC Brasa appears in the process of fraud in the implementation of public procurement.

Thus, the portal said that the recent competitive procurement for sewing new uniforms for Latvian police officers interested the Internal Security Bureau. In mid-June, it carried out a series of legal proceedings in the premises of the State Police building and in several enterprises, suspecting fraud. And is not such an act of unheard-of generosity a banal attempt to pay off criminal prosecution?

“As a result, there are persons who have the right to protection, and also two persons were detained. The detainees are representatives of enterprises. At the moment, there will be no more information, since fraud on the part of entrepreneurs is being investigated, as well as inaction on the part of government officials”, – said Diana Petersa, assistant to the head of the BVB, in connection with the searches.

And secondly, just a few days ago, President Zelensky said that he plans to end hostilities in Donbass this year. Why, then, the Ukrainian units taking part in the so-called OOS, waterproof jackets and warm pants? As the saying goes, the testimony does not agree.


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