Democrats crave more intervention – New York Times about how Biden will become a problem for the U.S

The whole campaign of elderly Democrat Joe Biden is trying to sell Americans the idea that soon Donald Trump will leave, and everything in the U.S. will be the same. In foreign policy, this approach is unacceptable and even dangerous.

This is what the American edition of The New York Times writes about.

Given the chaos of the past four years, a return to the status quo seems to be an attractive prospect. Only Biden has a much better chance of pushing the U.S. back to the “narrow Washington consensus,” which has become a problem for both America and the world.

“In the rhetoric of a foreign policy campaign to be fair, vague. It is full of calls for American leadership and global challenges – a pattern that can be expected. But it promises an extremely broad set of foreign policy goals, from promoting human rights and confronting autocrats and populists to ensuring that the U.S. military remains the strongest force in the world”, –  it writes.

Such statements are not just trivial, NYT stresses. They are a signal of a return to post-Soviet policies. According to this concept, the United States “can and must be everywhere and solve all problems. This concept will doom countries to long years of inflated military spending, interventions in dozens of different countries and intensified confrontation with Russia and China.

Biden’s vision of foreign policy is reminiscent of a “paraphrase of generally accepted views” rather than a real platform, the publication writes. The problem is that this set of familiar things from year to year has led to failures in the United States.

“Whether in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine or elsewhere, the United States has faced problems that cannot be solved with a more ‘muscular approach’ or with more ‘American leadership”, –  the article says. – “Mr. Biden ignores one positive aspect of Trump’s presidency: it has led Americans to question whether our traditional foreign policy approach really gives us more security.”

Even Biden’s entourage makes it clear that Democrats “want to bring America back to the interventionist consensus that was before Trump. With these aspirations, they are unlikely to take the opportunity to build a more constructive and less militarized foreign policy that sees other countries as real partners rather than supporters.

In this sense, Trump’s presidency, despite scandals and destructive adventures, has given the Americans a unique opportunity.

“It allowed them to question old and erroneous assumptions about our country’s approach to the world. Returning us to the past of American foreign policy, Biden does the opposite. He may think that he is bringing us back to normal. Instead, he misses an opportunity to improve American foreign policy”, –  concludes the NYT.