IMF promised Ukraine more money under the stand-by program

Despite the fact that the majority of citizens of our country are against Ukraine’s obligations to the IMF, the International Monetary Fund itself is happy to continue to tighten the debt loop around Ukraine’s neck.

IMF promised Ukraine more money under the stand-by program

According to “Strana”, the International Monetary Fund intends to continue cooperation within the stand-by program. At the moment it is not known when the next visit of the Fund’s mission will take place, which is to assess the progress of the government and the National Bank in meeting the requirements of the international creditor.

“Discussions on the implementation of the parameters and indicators of the program continue, the date of the start of the IMF mission regarding the first revision of the program has not yet been determined,” said IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine Jost Lyngman. “It is important that the current economic policy meets the criteria on which the memorandum on economic and financial policy, and that the content and time frame of the reform plan are as clear as possible. It is on these issues that the discussions continue ”

The IMF noted that they are discussing with the government about the timing of reforms, which are the conditions for Ukraine to receive money from the fund, as well as about the economic and financial policies of the state, based on the text of the memorandum with the IMF and enslaving requirements for Ukraine prescribed therein. Happy Independence Day, as they say!


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