Chaos in Portland: protesters beat up officers and ruin buildings

The Oregon office of the FBI is looking for protestors in Portland. On the morning of August 21, all federal facilities in the city were closed, including the Federal Bankruptcy Court and the Mark O. Hatfield courthouse. The bureau received information that one of those facilities was about to be detonated – according to some sources, using a car filled with explosives. The Portland police called on locals to stay away from the city center this weekend, as the rioters are expected to rampage. The thin peace between the federal government and local authorities threatens to turn into a good quarrel again, although for the time being the parties are trying to respect the political principles. And the tragedy is increasingly becoming a farce.

The FBI has announced a search for rioters, saying it respects the rights of those who peacefully protest under the First Amendment, which is known to guarantee freedom of assembly. But it clarified that the rioters’ actions threatened the demonstrators as well.

Protests in Portland have been going on for almost 90 days. To link them today with the death of George Floyd would be a great misunderstanding. His death appears to be nothing more than a screen, which, as we can see, is already recognized by the residents of the administrative center themselves. The same screen as the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Obviously, what is happening now in the city has nothing to do with this man’s departure from life. By the way, as the New York Post writes with reference to the Los Angeles Times, Earl Grey, an attorney for one of the ex-police in the Floyd case, said that he had filed documents in court and intends to prove that the true cause of death was an overdose of powerful fentanyl opioid.