Iran: downed Boeing voice recorders worked after the first missile

The voice recorders worked for another 19 seconds after the first missile hit a Boeing 737-800 heading for Kiev, the head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization Turaj Dehgani Zangani said.

According to the negotiations between the pilots, one can judge that the aircraft engines were working.

“The voice recorder recorded another nineteen seconds after the explosion of the first rocket”, – said Dehgani Zangane, quoted by RIA Novosti.

He pointed out that the shutdown of the voice recorder and the flight data recorder occurred 19 seconds later due to the debris of the first missile hitting the plane. According to him, the second missile reached the plane 25 seconds later.

The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization previously submitted a report in which it reported the reasons for the error that preceded the crash. The document clarified that the air defense calculation was moved to another location, but the complex was not reconfigured taking into account the new geographical location “due to human error”. This led to errors in the determination of data when detecting targets, the report says.

The air defense mistakenly determined the direction of the Ukrainian plane, which was heading north-west from Tehran. The system showed that he was flying from a southwest direction towards Tehran. In addition, the operator of the complex did not receive permission to launch missiles after the Ukrainian aircraft was identified as an “enemy target”.

On that day, Iranian troops were preparing for a possible US response after an attack on a US military base in Iraq.

Ukraine International Airlines’ Boeing 737-800 flying to Kiev crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran airport early in the morning on January 8. 176 people were killed: citizens of Iran, Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan.