Democrats create unnecessary problems for Biden – Washington Post on Trump’s electoral advantage

No matter how the Democrats try to denigrate Donald Trump by promoting their candidate Joe Biden in tandem with Kamala Harris, the human factor can play in favor of the current US president.

This is stated in an article by The Washington Post.

Trump’s main advantage is that people already know what to expect from him. No matter how dirty he is in the media, this will not change one fact: someone loves the president, and someone hates him. His position is “carved in stone”. With Biden, things are not so simple. For many, the elderly Democrat, with his incoherent speeches, is too risky a choice in the current situation. It should also be understood here that most Americans have long made their choice. The fight will unfold for 7-8% of the electorate, and the fight will be fierce.

Republicans will unleash their entire media resource on Biden and Harris. The Democrats will turn against them when they become the enemy of private health insurance, advocates of illegal migration and destroyers of suburbs.

Debate will be just as problematic for Biden. The people are already accustomed to the fact that the 77-year-old democrat has difficulty in making public statements. Biden’s headquarters only made the situation worse. At the party congress, the candidate made a “stunning speech”, writes WP. Of course, this speech was polished beforehand, but now people will demand the same level in the debate with Trump.

Also, the publication drew attention to such a factor as human nature. The peculiarity of the current presidential race is that it is accompanied by a catastrophic pandemic. The coronavirus has already damaged millions of Americans and triggered an unprecedented economic collapse. The electorate is afraid, it is exhausted. People are desperate for good news, and Trump can provide it.

Within a few weeks, “Dr. Trump” may announce expanded trials of experimental vaccines. And while the outcome of these tests will be barely obvious at the time, even hoping for promising results will be euphoric.

“The mass media of our digital age will break out. The cure is on the way! Markets will skyrocket and businesses will rush to reopen as a huge wave of relief sweeps over the mask-weary country. All this is based on our understandable striving for something good”, – the publication explains.

All this will make October a very interesting month, the publication concludes. WP claims that Biden is better than Trump. You can even bet money on it, “but not too much”.


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