The State Department wants to block the arms sales market for Russia through sanctions

The American administration intends to do everything possible to ensure that Russia and China do not receive financial benefits from the sale of weapons to Iran.

Such a statement on Friday, August 21, was made by the head of the US Department of State Michael Pompeo on the air of the Fox News TV channel.

“When we renew the UN sanctions, I can assure that the United States will do everything possible to deny Russia and China the ability to supply weapons to Iran,” the official said.

Pompeo stressed that US sanctions “will be effective.” At the same time, he criticized certain “partners” of the United States, who “took the side of Russia and China” on the issue of anti-Iranian UN sanctions.

As reported by News Front, earlier Pompeo said that Washington would insist on renewing UN sanctions pressure on Iran. Later, this information was confirmed by Donald Trump. Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya, in turn, assured that Moscow will not allow the renewal of UN sanctions against Iran.