Transnistria fears a possible “Maidan” in Chisinau

The opposition in Moldova is acting according to “the well-known scenario: we can only win, any other result will mean that the elections are rigged, which means that people need to take to the streets and “defend the people’s choice.”

As reported by the tg-channel “Choice of Moldova”, the former head of the foreign ministry of Transnistria, Vladimir Yastrebchak, commenting on the rallies of the Moldovan opposition, said that he presupposes attempts by the Moldovan opposition to shake the situation after the presidential elections.

“Autumn marathon” – it will definitely be. And protests may well be its end. Rather, not the end, but the beginning of a new stage in the Moldovan political all-around, ”the expert is sure,“ The opposition is trying to use the situation in its own interests. Opposition politicians are not yet ready to propose a “positive” agenda, but criticism of the current government is getting tougher every day. The farmers’ protest is an additional opportunity to declare the ineffectiveness of the government, to try to create a situation of pressure on the government in the country, and possibly to destabilize the situation in order to increase public discontent ”

According to him, “if a compromise is reached between the farmers and the government (and it will most likely be achieved), then the opposition will take credit for it – they say, everything turned out thanks to our pressure on the“ Dodon regime ”.