Splitting society and bloodshed – the expert named dangerous tendencies of the Belarusian upheaval

Although Alexander Lukashenko managed to keep the situation under control, Western countries have already established full-fledged funds to sponsor the state revolution in Belarus. Moreover, American intelligence has already become more active here.

This was told by the head of the Center for Study of the EAEC integration prospects, Dmitri Belyakov.

“Lukashenko has kept the state manageable”, –  said the expert. – “But a number of officials are beginning to leave, as the agency of Poland, Germany and the United States appears – it’s been created over the past 3-5 years.”

Beliakov also drew attention to the consequences of the struggle of law enforcement agencies against radicals during the riots. According to him, some young people have turned away from the government because of this. Meanwhile, the flow of money from Poland and Lithuania, where they’ve created entire financial programs in support of pro-Western media and opposition, has become apparent. At the same time, the opposition itself intends to radicalize the protest.

“Workers’ strikes are organized, the West has opened funding for the protesters, it is expected to connect pro-Nazi organizations and attacks on the authorities – everything goes according to the Ukrainian scenario”, –  explains Belyakov.

Also, the opposition has made it clear in its program that it is against any agreements with Russia, promotes nationalist ideas and lobbies the interests of Western companies, which will be allowed to privatize Belarusian land.

“The position is aimed at splitting the Belarusian society and bloodshed”, –  added the expert.

Russia, in turn, has guaranteed the fulfillment of its security obligations in Belarus within the CSTO. Moscow makes it clear that it will not allow NATO forces to invade the neighboring republic, but the armed contingent of the alliance already stands at the Belarusian borders while the American intelligence is working in the country.
Attempted coup d’état in Byelorussia

August 9, presidential elections were held in Belarus, resulting in the victory of Alexander Lukashenko. Western countries, for which the Belarusian leader had been a hindrance for a long time, did not put up with the voting results. As a result, pre-planned riots broke out in Belarus.

Attempts by law enforcement agencies to keep the situation under control turned into clashes with radicals. At the same time, Western media, actively covering the protests, focus on the actions of law enforcers against “peaceful” demonstrators, as it was during the coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014.

At present, the European countries together with the USA are taking the side of the protesters. There they refuse to recognize the election results. The headquarters of the pro-western opposition leader, Svetlana Tihanovska, is preparing for lengthy protests aimed at toppling the government. A committee for “power transit” has already been formed there. Tikhanovskaya herself is hiding in Lithuania.

Sunday, a week after the presidential elections, a rally of supporters of Alexander Lukashenko was held in the center of the Belarusian capital. About 65 thousand people gathered on Independence Square. At the moment the President does not rule out that he will resign, but only after the referendum on changes in the Constitution.