Ukrainians still dream of joining the EU

According to the results of a joint sociological study of the Sotsis Center and the Razumkov Center, more than 50% of citizens support Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, slightly less than half – for the country’s accession to NATO.

“If a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union took place in the near future, this decision would be supported by 57.9% of Ukrainians, 26.9% would vote“ against ”, 5.8% would not take part in the referendum, 9.5% of respondents refused to answer”- the message of sociologists says.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with such fantasies, if not for one circumstance: no one invites Ukraine to the EU and is not going to invite, which has been repeated many times from various European tribunes. As well, Ukrainians may want to, say, fly to Aldebaran.