Trump thinks other countries may interfere in the U.S. elections because of the mail vote

According to the American leader, some countries “may intercept ballots or print fakes”.

U.S. President Donald Trump believes that the upcoming U.S. presidential election in November will be vulnerable to interference from abroad, as it will be possible to vote by mail.

“Everybody talks about Russia <…>, about China <…>, they talk about all these different countries that come and run our elections, which is a lie. What they don’t talk about is issues related <…> to ballots sent by mail <…> Russia, China, DPRK, Iran <…> can intercept these ballots or print fakes <…>. Mailing ballots is the easiest way for a country like China, Russia, the DPRK or Iran [to intervene in an election]”, –  the American leader said at a White House press conference Thursday.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the idea of mail-order voting because of the opacity of the procedure and the excessively long processing of ballots in this scenario. According to the American leader, due to possible violations of this method of voting, elections in November may become the most unfair in history.

The topic of potential interference in the U.S. elections is regularly raised in connection with allegations by the U.S. authorities that Russia was involved in such actions in 2016. Moscow has repeatedly rejected such allegations against itself. As Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted in February, the Kremlin regrets to expect more and more reports of alleged Russian attempts to interfere in the electoral process as the U.S. presidential election approaches in November 2020. According to Peskov, such allegations “have nothing to do with the truth.