Strike is being prepared in the metro of the capital of Belarus

Employees of the Minsk metro intend to organize a strike on Friday due to the situation in Belarus after the elections, one of the employees of the enterprise told RIA Novosti.

“There will be a strike, but the metro itself will work today”, – an employee of the Minsk metro said.

Social networks last Thursday were flooded by videos about rallies at a number of Belarusian enterprises demanding an end to the violence and review the election results. Among the representatives of enterprises interviewed by the agency, only one of them confirmed that they were not officially working and declared a strike, the rest denied the holding of actions and strikes. On Friday, officials of enterprises interviewed by the agency are more willing to share the facts of meetings of employees demanding an end to violence by law enforcement officers for peaceful protests by Belarusians and revisions of the presidential election results.

Mass protest actions began throughout Belarus on August 9, after the presidential elections, which were won by the current leader of the state, Alexander Lukashenko – according to the CEC, he gained 80.08% of the vote. Since Sunday, unauthorized actions have been going on, in the first days they were harshly suppressed by security forces.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic said that as part of the riots, one person died, the man tried to throw an unidentified explosive device towards the law enforcement officers.