Senator evaluates “demarche” of the EU against the US on the “Nord Stream-2”

Senator Franz Klintsevich expressed the opinion that Europe would respond to the USA in a mirror image if Washington imposes sanctions on specific European countries and their sectors of the economy because of Nord Stream 2, RIA FAN writes.

Representatives of 24 EU countries protested to the United States over Washington’s plans to impose new sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, media write. On the air of radio Sputnik, the position of the Europeans was commented on by political scientist Vadim Trukhachev.

“Protest statements from the EU are not enough. The EU will have to make decisions, contrary to the established tradition to please the “owner”. Perhaps they will take a risk, since restrictions may be imposed on the economies of European states in the field of trade”, – Klintsevich said.

According to him, if sanctions are adopted by the United States, Brussels will respond in a mirror image.

“If the United States imposes restrictive measures on specific European countries and their sectors of the economy, Brussels will respond in a mirror-like manner. Europe cannot be underestimated today”, – he said.

The senator also expressed confidence that the Russian project will be completed. According to him, there is no alternative to high-quality and cheap pipeline gas from Russia in the world today. And it is impossible to replace it with liquefied American gas, he added.

“Even the overheated information space, which is laced with a continuous negative attitude towards Russia, allowed 24 European countries to make a fateful decision for them”, – Klintsevich said.

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was supposed to be opened by the end of 2019, however, due to the position of Denmark, which for a long time did not agree on the route of the project through its waters, and then due to the US sanctions or the threat of their use against the companies participating in the project, the launch dates have shifted to the end of 2020 – the beginning of 2021.