Putin appeared as protector of the people – Bloomberg on the creation of a Russian vaccine against COVID-19

The fact that Russia is the first country to register a vaccine against the deadly virus that has swept the world is taking the pharmaceutical race to a whole new level.

This is stated in the material of the American agency Bloomberg.

As you know, in the West, the emergence of a Russian drug that can end the pandemic was taken with skepticism. They tried to discredit the development of Russian scientists, pointing out the haste of creating a vaccine. Bloomberg, in turn, notes that not everything is so bad, because “the side effects of vaccines are rare”. Moreover, the approval of the national regulatory authority does not mean victory in the global race for the life-saving drug. What, then, is the concern of Western countries?

The Russian vaccine made an obvious sensation, the article says. Although the development began to be actively criticized in the United States, the American authorities felt the need to reassure citizens that work on their own vaccine was also in full swing. In the meantime, developing countries are listening closely to the opinion of a country that can share its vaccine with them.

But for the Kremlin, the global race is not a top priority. The coronavirus has seriously ruined 2020 for Vladimir Putin. The referendum on constitutional amendments had to be postponed along with the Victory Parade, the oil crisis also became a problem, although the economy “feels less bad than expected”. The attempted coup d’etat in neighboring Belarus is also inconvenient. All this is forcing Putin to end the virus as quickly as possible.

“By promising a vaccine, he again became a defender of the people. Much will depend on what happens next, starting with the promised publication of vaccine data in a major international journal. Russia has rejected skeptics, but facts will be the key to defeat them”.

As previously reported by News Front, Russia became the first country in the world to register an effective drug against coronavirus. A vaccine that could end the pandemic will hit the market under the Sputnik V brand name. From October it will be available to everyone, and the vaccination will be carried out at the expense of the budget.

It should be noted that other countries are also interested in the Russian vaccine. In Jordan, they are preparing an application for the purchase of a batch of the drug, and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic agreed to test the vaccine on himself. Western countries paid special attention to the drug. They are trying to discredit the success of Russian scientists. In the expert community, this is associated with a political aspect, because pharmaceutical corporations in the US and Europe have not yet presented their own vaccine.