Oppositionist’s car from “Alternative for Germany” party burned once again in Berlin

In Germany, a member of the opposition Alternative for Germany party was again under attack.

Oppositionist's car from "Alternative for Germany" party burned once again in Berlin

The car of a high-ranking representative of the political force, Ronaldo Glazer, was burned in Berlin. In addition, the car that stood next to the politician’s Volkswagen was damaged.

This is not the first time when the oppositionists’ cars are on fire. In March 2020, the cars of the head of the Berlin branch of the Alternative for Germany, Nikolaus Fest, and the co-chairman of the party, Tino Krupalla, were burned. In April 2020, a Jaguar belonging to the managing director of the AfD parliamentary group Frank Hansel was burned in Berlin.

The police never found the culprit in the incident.


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