US is overwhelmed by murder epidemic: Americans adjust to life in chaos

In addition to the spread of the deadly virus and the unprecedented economic crisis, the United States is faced with another problem – an increase in the number of murders.

US is overwhelmed by murder epidemic: Americans adjust to life in chaos

Writes about this edition “The Guardian”.

The growth in crime in cities and towns in the United States is at double-digit percentages. Murders have become a problem in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, as well as Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina and many others.

According to official figures, the increase in the number of murders and attacks with the use of firearms began in late May. As you know, it was then that the black repeat offender George Floyd was killed by a policeman, which provoked riots throughout the country.

“People use words like chaos, the situation is out of control and off the hook. People use these words. Things are really heating up and getting a little crazy, ” says Charles Ransford, senior director of science and policy for Cure Violence Global, an organization dedicated to fighting violence.

Late last month, analyst Jeff Asher found that homicide rates in the 23 largest U.S. cities were up 23% from 2019. The Wall Street Journal’s analysis of the 50 largest cities in the country showed an almost identical growth trend, namely 24%.

Ransford believes this is due to the stress of unemployment and financial difficulties; criminals who were released from prisons as part of the fight against coronavirus; young people who do not attend classes due to the pandemic.

“When you have a lower level of traditional income, basically if you cannot feed yourself, you look for other sources of income,” said in turn, Dr. Philip Goff. “You are turning to the shadow economy – this is what we call crime – when you are turning to any form of shadow economy, it is more likely that you will have to use violence to sustain that economy. So, violence is grouped where economic deprivation is concentrated. “


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