The Moldovan opposition has framed the suffering agrarians for another protest

The pro-Western opposition in Moldova was given the opportunity to develop a plan to support the farmers together with the ruling coalition, but instead preferred to organize a demonstration for the farmers.

Moldovan agrarians have faced problems against the background of a pandemic and economic crisis. Opposition leader Maya Sandu tried to use this factor to destabilize the situation in the country. She tried to accuse the authorities of incompetent reaction to the problems in the agricultural sector. In this regard, Sandu and her henchman Andrei Nestase were invited to work together with the ruling alliance to develop a response to the situation. The opposition accepted the invitation, but instead of real proposals they decided to hold another protest.

Despite the fact that Sandu is now also involved in resolving the crisis, she called the process “catastrophic”.

“I have talked about these problems many times, but I have observed the attitude of the authorities, full of carelessness and arrogance”, –  she said.

As News Front reported earlier, Sandu now intends to participate in the presidential elections, although previously she had a bad experience in public administration. Following the parliamentary elections, Sandu won the post of Prime Minister of Moldova, but 100 days later in office she was forced to talk about the victory over the usurper Vladimir Plahotniuc. Her merit in this, as well as the real achievements of her government, were absent.

The Sandu Cabinet did not last long. It tried to bypass parliament to get the right to nominate candidates for the post of prosecutor general alone, and therefore the government was sent to resign. However, the expert community believed that Sandu had deliberately triggered such a scenario, as she was unable to achieve any results.