Now the U.S. can’t even provide itself with masks – Newsweek about how elites destroyed American industry

Joe Biden, who is now being presented as a “safe” presidential candidate against the background of Donald Trump, was directly involved in the deindustrialization of the United States.

The American edition of Newsweek writes about it.

According to the media, the Democrats are desperately forced to hide Biden’s involvement in the large-scale destruction of the country’s productive potential. As vice-president and long time ago for this purpose, he contributed more to China’s strengthening than the United States. His policies have provoked an erosion of the country’s manufacturing industry, with millions of well-paid jobs further off-shoring.

“Biden, of course, wasn’t alone”, –  the paper says. – “The Democratic Party and anti Trump fraudulent organizations such as Project Lincoln want voters to believe that this policy represents a period of prosperity for American workers, domestic production and unprecedented innovation”.

In practice, everything is exactly the opposite. After World War II, all regions of America were actively industrialized. Now the US cannot even provide itself with medical masks. The decline in production made the state vulnerable to shortages.

“The decline in production has not only made us vulnerable to deficits – something more reminiscent of communist regimes in Latin America – but has also devastated entire cities and communities that once were home to the active middle class”, –  Newsweek writes.

These policies have had a catastrophically devastating effect on once hardworking Americans. Instead of decent work, they received food stamps and began to abuse opioids, according to the publication.