Google is not Google: the corporation brazenly avoided answering about the blocking of Russian media

The Google representative office in Moscow, not wanting to answer the question about the blocking of Russian information resources, said that it allegedly had nothing to do with the American corporation.

This was announced on Thursday, August 13, at the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights under the President of Russia.

As you know, Google interferes with the work of the media that disseminate information contrary to the interests of the United States. In particular, this is observed on the video hosting YouTube, which is also owned by Google. Earlier, the YouTube administration blocked the News Front agency’s channel, and without giving any reason. The channels of foreign editions of our agency were also removed.

Representatives of the Council have drawn up an appeal with a request to comment on the situation with the blocking of Russian mass media. The letter was addressed to David Sneddon. In February of this year, he headed the Russian office of Google. His answer was unexpected. Sneddon argued that Google LLC allegedly “is not a representative office of Google LLC in Russia, and the company itself has no branches or representative offices in the country.”

The head of the HRC Valeria Fadeeva called the situation strange, because even on the Google website, in the section “About the Company”, LLC “Google” is listed as the office of an American corporation in Moscow.

“And when contacting the specified address, we are told that has nothing to do with an American company. We know that this office conducts Google cases, communicates widely with experts and lawyers, but refused to contact human rights defenders. It is a pity that in the direction of protecting the rights of the Russian media from unmotivated blocking, you have to go such a tricky way and, if you have an office in Russia, write to America, ”Fadeeva stated.