Co-ordinators of the attacks on law enforcement officers have been spotted in Belarus

Distinguishing those who came to the protests by accident is very easy. They are disbanded, they often take pictures of what is happening on a smartphone. You can immediately see that these people are not prepared for protests. The riots are organized by organized groups, coordinated by professionals.

Video footage from the cameras that recorded the protests was released by the press service of the Investigative Committee of Belarus. As it turned out, there is one pattern in different incidents – coordinators. These were sports guys with backpacks behind them. They give orders to radicals with the help of gestures, watching them the crowd starts to jump or provoke law enforcement officers. It’s noteworthy that the coordinators themselves are careful not to get caught by the law enforcers.

CCTV footage shows that it is after the coordinator that the crowd of radicals appears in the park. At the same time, it is very easy to distinguish them from involuntary protesters. Those who came to the rally accidentally – people of different sex and age, their clothes are clearly not suitable for possible clashes, and they keep away from the crowd. Men of athletic proportions are involved in the riots and they are held in groups.